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2012 trailer online

2012-Still.jpgThe new trailer for the world disaster film 2012 is now online and it is looking rather spectacular.

The film comes from Roland Emmerich, who'll you remember from such CGI films as The Day After Tomorrow and 10,000 BC, the former of which wasn't that bad. He's also directed Universal Soldier, Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla and The Patriot, so he knows a thing or two about action.

Frankly though, this looks like a worldwide The Day After Tomorrow / Deep Impact / Independence Day with the usual two Hollywood phrases of "more" and "bigger" thrown in by the executives.

That may not be such a bad thing, as I said, The Day After Tomorrow wasn't that bad, and the effects look bigger and better here, and because it's worldwide we might see some more disasters befalling the world other than major U.S. landmarks.

I have to admit to being impressed with some of the effects here though, they were utterly stunning. Let's just hope it's more than effects, and with John Cusack, Thandie Newton, Woody Harrelson, Amanda Peet, Danny Glover, Oliver Platt, Chiwetel Ejiofor and George Segal involved, you'd think that they've signed up to something more than just a CGI film.

2012 is about the end of the world as predicted by the Mayans way back in sometime or other. Forgetting all the scientific anomalies against all this, superstition is big with most of us humans, and superstition in film is a good thing especially when it's about disasters.

However here it seems it's not all about destruction and trying to save the human race, for we're going to watch an academic researcher leading a team of people who are trying to reverse the apocalyptic predictions.

The trailer comes from Yahoo Movies [Flash:QT:480p:720p:1080p] where they also have it in high definition, and I'd thoroughly recommend watching it in the highest resolution you can – see if you can catch the green screen moment amongst all the CGI!



This movie looks great! I've never known so many apocalyptic movies be released in one year! Really looking forward to The Road as well.


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