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An American Werewolf in London remake?

AmericanWerewolfinLondon.jpgThere's a rumour hitting this morning that the superb An American Werewolf in London is set to be remade as John Landis has just sold the rights.

If it's true then it marks another nail in the coffin for good film as the studios head after that target thirteen year old demographic by remaking everything that they haven't seen and everything that anyone who is slightly older considers to be a great film.

John Landis brought us the excellent An American Werewolf in London which tells the story of two American tourists on a walking trip in England who walk across a moor that locals wouldn't dare to, and in the full moon of night they do the very thing that they were warned not to, stray from the path.

After an attack by something they can hardly explain, the student who was bitten begins to have strange dreams of running around at night like a dog, and then starts seeing dead people, the people he's dreamed of killing.

The film is superb and there's a wonderful cast with David Naughton, Griffin Dunne and Jenny Agutter, and some interesting cameos from directors to nude models!

It is a great fun film, so I hope that the rumour that they might be remaking it is complete rubbish and just someone trying to make a name for themselves by releasing and exciting rumour as one of those “insiders”.

However at the same time, it's something that I wouldn't discount from Hollywood, after all they've hit Halloween and The Hitcher, they're hitting Hellraiser, they're even hitting Oldboy (Filmstalker review), so why wouldn't they try An American Werewolf in London?

The story from Bloody Disgusting through AICN and quotes one of those pesky sources.

We just have to hope that this is far from the truth and rumour filled, and with no official confirmation fans of the original don't have to panic just yet. For if it is, what will Hollywood do with the film? I can imagine those two students will become a couple, clothes may well be off and the gore will be ramped up, but what else?



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