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Animator talks Toy Story 3

ToyStory.jpgThe Toy Story franchise has taken a bit of a back seat of late, as new characters like Wall-E have taken over. The third film in the series is being worked on as we speak though. And one the animators has been talking about what we can expect.

Sounds like some of us might have a tear in our eye. Well if you aren't a robot like myself, that is.

Toy Story was one of those films that redefined CGI animated film. And both that and it's sequel proved immensely popular. The third film is due out next year, and it sounds like the plot we heard about a while ago is still happening. Angus MacLane is one of the animators hard at work on Toy Story 3, and he talked a little bit about what is happening.

I feel like we've grown up making these movies, and each of the films represents where the filmmakers were at the time of making the films. Certainly we're approaching this film 10 years later, so I think we're sort of coming at it from the standpoint of [Andy] has grown up, and we've grown up with these toys, and we have a reverence for them, but we also have different things as a priority.

He was talking to Sci-Fi Wire, through Cinematical. So the plot line of Andy going off to college, and doing away with his childhood toys appears to still be happening. Which I guess is a natural way to go, with Andy already tiring a little of Woody in Toy Story 2. MacLane says they have been trying to figure out how Toy Story would work, with Andy all grown up. But MacLane says Andy's room will still play a part.

I think that's a question we've tried to figure out ourselves. I can tell you Andy's room is in the movie. That's about all I can say.

That makes me think that either the room will be very different, and the toys will be on their way out. Or could the room now belong to his sister, and the toys have a whole new owner. Who perhaps isn't too interested in a lot of them. I suppose after two successful films we should just wait and see what happens. From what MacLane says, everyone involved knows that they have a high standard to maintain.

Toy Story 2 was one of the first films I did starting at Pixar, so I feel a real kinship with the characters, specifically Buzz Lightyear. So I really wanted to get back in there and animate. To give you a sense of the responsibility they feel, there was a T-shirt made in the story department. The back of the T-shirt said, 'Franchise Guardian.' It's not something we do lightly. We go back into that mythology with the intent to continue a story that needs to be told, a story that we believe in and a story that, to be really honest, having seen the movie, is amazing. I'm not worried about it, but in finishing it, we want to make sure it's the best film it can be, and it's fit to stand alongside the other films on the shelf.

Let's hope that's exactly what we get. What do you think of the Andy going to college storyline? Would it make sense to have the toys now belonging to his sister? Do you think that after 10 years, the third film will prove as popular?



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