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Another Predators director?

Predator.jpgThe rumour mill is going a little mad over the Predators film, and there's been talk of another director in the mix, in fact I believe the rumour right now is that there are seven possible directors, and this is just one.

Last we heard it was Neil Marshall who was being considered for the the job of directing the new film destined to bring the franchise back to life (another hopeful rumour, this time from the studio!), but now there's another name attached.

Nimród Antal is the man who directed Vacancy (Filmstalker review) and the soon to be seen Armored (obviously that's Armoured in English!). I really enjoyed Vacancy and thought that it was a very underrated film and showed a lot of promise for his future, I just didn't think that that film would be Predators.

Apparently, according to AICN through Latino Review, there are potentially seven directors out there that Robert Rodriguez is interested in, and one of them is Nimród Antal and the other is Neil Marshall.

It seems that everyone on that list is on an equal pegging and that Rodriguez has no favourites, but then he isn't likely to say anything different and if he did have any idea would he be telling everyone or rather that the rumour mill keeps going crazy and promoting his film? I know which I'd choose if I were in his place, and it would mean all the free publicity I could muster. I'd be letting slip a new name every so often to keep the film at the fore.

However Antal is a great choice and could deliver some great thrills and tension, I'm not sure about his action side just yet.



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