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Antichrist is uncut in UK

Antichrist.jpgAntichrist, the film from Lars von Trier that has raised quite a lit of controversy in Cannes for scenes of sexual imagery including a brief scene of genital mutilation, but in the UK we're going to get the film uncut, so to speak.

The BBFC, one of the more level headed groups related to censorship in the entire world, has decided to allow the film to be released in cinemas throughout the UK as an 18 certificate as it was seen in Cannes.

Well done the BBFC. Speaking through The Hollywood Reporter the director of the BBFC, David Cooke, had this to say about Antichrist.

“The film does not contain material which breaches the law or poses a significant harm risk to adults. The sexual imagery, while strong, is relatively brief, and the Board has since 1990 passed a number of works containing such images.”

The BBFC reviewed the film and were perfectly happy that the film's sexual content was justifiable by the film and as for that genital mutilation scene? Well apart from it being relatively short and the fact that adults should be able to decide these things for themselves, they had this to say.

“...knows of no research evidence which suggests that the viewing of this scene would raise a significant risk of harm to adult viewers or to society, or which would otherwise justify intervention.”

The actual BBFC rating is:

'18' for strong real sex, bloody violence and self-mutilation

So the film gets released uncut, superb. Now we get to see Antichrist as the director intended, whatever the critics at Cannes have said. I'm glad of that so that I can make up my own mind.



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