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Assassination of a High School President trailer online

AssassinationHighSchoolPresident.jpgWe've already seen some clips for Assassination of a High School President back in January of 2008, yes that long ago, but we've not seen a proper trailer for the film until now.

Of course that doesn't mean we're about to see the film, in fact there's still nothing mentioned about release dates apart from a television release in Russia believe it or not. The rest of the world still has to wait for the film until who knows when.

However at least you can catch the trailer for Assassination of a High School President featuring the names of Bruce Willis, Mischa Barton and Michael Rapaport right here.

Originally it felt like this film would have a strong bent towards Brick (Filmstalker review), and in the opening part of the trailer it does just that, but then there's much more comedy poured in here and less of the film noir style.

Assassination of a High School President sees the not so popular guy who is a trying to become a member of the much sought after summer journalism program, uncover a plot to cheat on the SAT's having found them stolen from the Principal and discovered in the School President's locker.

He uncovers the story, with the help of the most popular girl in school, who then invites him to the prom with her, suddenly he's popular. However there's something niggling at him, and that's the small matter of the truth.

There's been a lot of praise about the film, but still no word on when we'll actually see a release for it. There's hope, but it's a very slim one that we'll see this film. Frankly I have no idea why the studio have been holding on to it for so long.

Here's the trailer through /Film:



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