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A-Team casts Hannibal and Face

TheATeam.jpgThe A-Team film version moves forward again, and this time with some solid casting, and not just solid casting but some big name casting too. The question is will this one make it? Well I'm actually inclined to believe it, especially with Joe Carnahan behind it - can't you just imagine how his version is going to turn out?

Today we hear that both Face and Hannibal have been cast, and Face is not surprising at all considering the rumour was broken a little while ago, Hannibal is rather surprising though, and he's a big name too. Read on for the reveal.

While we heard back in May that Bradley Cooper was convinced that he'd gained the part of Face, and then suddenly he wasn't, back tracking quickly in case he had said too much. Well he hadn't as today The Hollywood Reporter reveals that he is set to play the character in Joe Carnahan's The A-Team.

Meanwhile it's Variety that reveals there's another name cast, that of Hannibal, and the man set to play that character is Liam Neeson. Well to be fair he's in negotiations so it might not work out, but if the story is being broken here then I think we're set to see it happen.

In the original television series of The A-Team Face was played by Dirk Benedict, he of the original Battlestar Galactica, and Hannibal was played by the great and highly mis-cast George Peppard.

The question is who is going to be playing Mad Murdock and B.A. Baracus, played in the television show by Dwight Schultz and Mr. T respectively.

We had heard rumours that Common was to play Mr. T in this incarnation, but I put that down to the same camp of rumours that gave us a host of names connected with the previous attempt to bring the film to the big screen.

Who do you see as the final two members considering the screen draw of these two? Interestingly they are two very different actors, so where are the final two roles going to go?



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