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Barbarella gains new director and studio?

Barbarella.jpgIt's all happening for Barbarella. Recently we heard that Robert Rodriguez had pulled out of the project after the budget constraints had meant that the studio wanted to film in Germany and Rodriguez didn't want to leave home – does that sound familiar? Gore Verbinski is thinking the same thing about Bioshock.

The word was that the studio were going to keep developing the film regardless and were looking for a new script, and now we hear they might have found a director, and a studio.

Before we look at the Barbarella story I have to point out the similarities between Robert Rodriguez's decision on Barbarella and Gore Verbinski's thoughts on Bioshock, neither director wants to leave the U.S. to make their film, whereas the studio sees the possibility of making a big budget film by taking advantage of foreign tax incentives.

Shame all these American directors don't want to leave home to make films, let me tell you there are plenty of willing directors in those foreign locations from the UK to Germany to Australia.

Anyway, back to Barbarella, and it looks like it might have found a new director. Robert Luketic, the director of The Ugly Truth, 21, Monster-in-Law and Legally Blonde, and he's from Australia so he's more than willing to direct a film there.

However the story from The Hollywood Insider doesn't specifically say that he's directing, but it does have him down as a working with Dino De Laurentiis' company to develop the project with another studio, and another star.

It seems we're going to see Barbarella after all, but not in any way that we thought we might see it before, and without Rose McGowan or Rodriguez.



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