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Bay on familiar I Am Number Four

MichaelBay.jpgThe news that Michael Bay is to produce and possibly direct a film based on a six book franchise, should the DreamWorks deal to purchase the rights come through, doesn't sound all that exciting to me.

That's not just because Michael Bay directing means the standard formula of shaky camera and big, but because the story sounds like a television series we've seen a lot from already.

I Am Number Four is the first in six books that tells the story of nine aliens who happen to be equivalent to our teenagers, heading to Earth as refuges. They escaped their planet just as a hostile alien species invaded. The nine aliens are becoming accepted as typical teenagers when the leader, the fourth alien, discovers that he's being hunted by the alien race that invaded their home planet.

Now I have to admit that I didn't watch much of Roswell, but the idea behind that television series sounds a lot like I Am Number Four doesn't it?

This just reeks of the issue I was writing about earlier where production executives are intent on making every film fit the thirteen year old target audience, what could be better?

Mind you, it does sound like a Michael Bay film, although they'll probably apply the usual adages of “bigger” and “more” to the story and give the audience the usual Bay performance.

The story comes from Variety through Coming Soon and informs us that there's a little controversy behind it already as one of the authors of the series is reported to be James Frey writing under a pseudonym.

Why is that controversial? Well Frey wrote his memoirs about addiction called A Million Little Pieces and received a high degree of praise for it, and then he revealed that some of it was made up. At that point some readers raised a law suit against him and the planned film adaptation with Plan B fell through.



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