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Bekmambetov talks Wanted 2

Wanted_Still.jpgTimur Bekmambetov has been talking to the press in his native country about Wanted 2 and has revealed a huge casting decision and something that's really going to turn the story from the first film around.

It's something we've actually hear before, back in July of 2008, so perhaps this is actually going to turn out to be the real story in Wanted 2, the return of some major characters that perhaps shouldn't be back.

Okay, I've kept it out of the title and the opening blurb, something most other sites don't seem keen to do because they'd rather run the spoiler and get the hits than make sure someone doesn't read it by accident. So if you haven't seen the first or don't want to know the reveal for the second, here we go.

Mind you, I wrote about this short of a year ago when an "inside source" revealed a few big things about the film, let me quote from the story:

...the plot will be that he's killing more Fraternity groups that have ignored the looms of fate and are killing whomever they want for personal, and probably monetary, gain...

...Wesley teams up with Pekwarsky, played by Terence Stamp, and he follows his loom – obviously he's assuming that this guy is reading the woven fibres correctly – and he'll find out more about his father and how his entire family has been in the Fraternity for generations...

...also going to show the man who recruited and trained Fox, played by Angelina Jolie, and since she's stone cold dead in this film that would explain why the source through Cinema Blend is revealing that both Jolie and Morgan Freeman would be back, flashbacks.

So that was a while ago and that sounds extremely similar to what Timur Bekmambetov has been saying on the Russian site RIA Novosti through Coming Soon about the sequel to Wanted (Filmstalker review).

According to the translation there he's been saying that Angelina Jolie's character will be coming back and that production starts in July with filming starting in autumn or winter.

It's not just Jolie that's coming back though, Konstantin Khabenskiy is set to return, the an we've seen in Bekmambetov's Watch series, and if the old rumour was true, perhaps Morgan Freeman too, that's if the old rumour stands up too and his public profile doesn't cause the studio to drop him.

Well Wanted 2 sounds fun, after all the first one was, but will this one be different enough or just the same again but with a more aggressive and well trained lead assassin with a bunch of flashbacks?



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