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Bride of Frankenstein remake planned

BrideofFrankenstein.jpgHollywood is reaching even further back than usual for it's next planned remake. We have seen Frankenstein remade before, and now it's the turn of Bride of Frankenstein.

You have to wonder what remake will be next. Isn't it time someone remade Citizen Kane?

Frankenstein isn't short on remakes, the most recent being Kenneth Branagh's effort. And even Guillermo del Toro has a planned remake on the cards. Well maybe once he gets through the large list of films he's attached to.

Before that version appears though, a remake of Bride of Frankenstein will probably already be finished. The news from Collider, is that Neil Burger is the man who plans to bring Bride of Frankenstein back to life. That would be the sequel where Dr. Frankenstein attempts to make a female mate for The Monster.

Burger will write the script along with his writing partner Dirk Wittenborn. Burger has previously brought us Interview With the Assassin, The Illusionist and The Lucky Ones. And he also has Dark Fields in the pipeline with Shia LaBeouf starring.

So what do you reckon to a remake of Bride of Frankenstein. Worthwhile, or a waste of time?



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