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Britain's Got Talent winners in 3D film

Diversity.jpgAlready the winners of Britain's Got Talent are leaping onto the big screen with the winners, Diversity, and one of the runners-up, Flawless, set to appear in a British film about street dancing, with the previous year's winner, George Sampson, is also expected to star.

It seems quite a line-up and a surprise entry into the 3D market from a British film, particularly being as it's a dance film too. However the plot seems to be lacking somewhat and follows the standard dancing competition story line.

The story will see the street dancers having to team up with ballet dancers from the Royal Dance School in order to try and win the Street Dance championships - a story I'm sure we've seen in several dance and performance films before.

However the surprising news is that they were earmarked for the film well before their appearance in Britain's Got Talent. The co-founder of Vertigo, the British company behind the film, said through Screen Daily and Digital Spy (who as always do not include the story source link):

"When I saw Flawless and Diversity last summer I immediately started talking to them about being in the film as I felt they represented the very best of British streetdance."

So we'll be seeing both the squads in the film, and the word is that George Sampson will appear too. If you ask me the young dancer who was a runner-up from this year, whose name I've forgotten, is definitely a must have in this film too.

However Britain's Got Talent's Flawless and Diversity aside, the film StreetDance does sound like it has the atypical plot outline for a performance film, particularly dance, and doesn't sound anything exciting, but in 3D?

This might be a film that might work really well in 3D cinema, I mean there's a lot of motion and depth to the performances and that's perfect for 3D, here nothing will be forced, it's all part of the performance.

I think this might give it the edge, and combined with the dance squad's talents, I think the film might produce something exciting. I wonder how much the members can act though?



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