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Campbell says no to Scream 4?

NeveCampbell.jpgNow I'm not sure about this rumour, although it does look some editing on Twitter has been carried out fast to ensure that this pieces of news wasn't caught up on, but apparently Neve Campbell has already said no to the Scream 4 film and the new franchise.

How did she do that? Well according to the stories the writer Kevin Williamson tweeted that she doesn't want to do the film and he had to figure out a way to make the film work. However that tweet has now vanished.

It did go something like this:

"Trying to figure out a Sid-less scenario. She won't do it. This sucks"

...and that was right after Kevin Williamson, the writer of Scream and Scream 4, said this...

"Come on Sid! Say yes! Please!!!!!! I'm begging!!!!!"

...a tweet which is still on his Twitter history. Oh and Sid refers to Sidney Prescott, the lead character in the film played by Neve Campbell. After that there's one more remains on the subject:

"Doing the S4 thing today. Moving forward with all my characters regardless...it's the story I wanna tell."

Well he's definitely working on the script, and despite the tweet that both AITH and /Film quote now mysteriously missing, the last one does suggest that something is up with the casting, and that could well be the tweet about Neve Campbell not agreeing to do the film.

I have said just that, wondering why Neve Campbell would be interested in doing this considering the direction her career has taken since, it just wouldn't suit her unless she needed the money.

Without her character I don't really believe a new Scream franchise is anything but another slasher film with ancillary characters from the original franchise in there, whether they be big names or not.

Can you really see this working without her? Can you really see this working at all? Following the current re-Hollywood trend of taking an old series and bringing back the old characters to hand over to the new?



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