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Christian Bale on The Fighter

ChristianBale.jpgThe Fighter has been in development for years now, but it could finally be ready to start filming.

With Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale and David O. Russell onboard, filming may not be too far away. Dare we hope?

The Fighter has experienced a fair few problems during pre-production. Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon were to star together in it, then Matt Damon left. Then Brad Pitt was to co-star, and he backed out too. Then the director Darren Aronofsky moved on as well. Late last year, Mark Wahlberg sounded more than a little fed up. Not a surprise considering he has been training for the film for around two years.

Thankfully we then got some good news, Christian Bale was to join as co-star and David O. Russell was going to direct. Other than that though, production still hasn't been mentioned. Christian Bale has been talking about the film though, and first up he gave a rough plot outline:

It's a true story of two incredibly gifted boxers who were half brothers. The one, Dicky Ecklund, who fought Sugar Ray Leonard at a very young age, when he was twenty one, was an incredible natural talent. He lived a very hard life. Then he came to train his brother, Irish Mickey Ward, to the world title.

Christian Bale is playing the part of Dickey, with Wahlberg playing Irish Mickey Ward. Bale though says that production may start soon:

We might start within a couple of weeks.

Could we at last be seeing The Fighter committing something to film? Let's hope so, it's certainly been dragging on for long enough. I hope his Batman voice takes a break though. You can head on over to Collider for more of the interview, where be basically says he isn't sure what's happening with Terminator 5 or Batman 3.

I'm quite looking forward to seeing Bale and Wahlberg together. Anyone else still interested in The Fighter? Or has the long delay put you off?



I'm very much looking forward to this movie. Bale and Wahlberg together should be an interesting match, and I think it'll give Bale a chance to flex his acting muscles away from action movies like Terminator: Salvation.

Not interested in any movie with Christian Bale anymore!. After hearing his little rant on set (on youtube by the way, you should listen to it) Im staying away in protest!. Then again! hes the same in everything and more than a little overrated?! ZZZZZzzzzzzzz

That rant was funny. I like the fact that he didn't try and make excuses for it though. I was a fan back in the days of The Machinist. Maybe doing The Dark Knight and Terminator so close together was a mistake.

I'm hoping for something different in The Fighter. Let's hope we aren't let down!

If we were to boycott every actor who had a rant on set I think we'd find it hard to find any actors to follow! Just because this one was recorded doesn't mean he's the onlye one.

I'm looking forward to the movie. Bale is always so intense in any role that he takes on. That's the charisma that keep us engaged, enthusiastic and entertained in a movie. About the rant, well, everyone has got their moments. Why are we so quick to harp on a couple of mistakes and overlook all the other strengths? Be more forgiving people!


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