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Clinton and Blair dropped for Bond?

PeterMorgan.jpgPeter Morgan has reportedly dropped out of the HBO and BBC Films drama The Special Relationship which looked at the political and personal relationship between the U.S. President Bill Clinton and the British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Morgan was set to direct the script he had written, but now has pulled out of the role and passed it over to Richard Loncraine, who directed the Renée Zellweger comedy My One and Only, the terrible Firewall (Filmstalker review) and the romantic comedy Wimbledon.

There's no reason given for Peter Morgan's decision and his move away from directing The Special Relationship from the The Hollywood Reporter, but there are a number of pointers.

First The Special Relationship marked his first directorial role, and although you could say that he has had plenty of experience of great directors doing his work, and he can easily turn his hand to directing his big screen aware scripts, it's still the first role.

Secondly he has a lot on his plate, such as the new Bond film which seems to be moving forward quite rapidly at the moment, and perhaps it was Bond more than it being his first directing role that made it push forward a little.

I'm not entirely sure, although I could see both HBO and BBC wanting to pin a lot on this film, particularly as it comes from the same stable as The Queen, The Deal, and Frost/Nixon (Filmstalker review), and so perhaps there was a little nervousness on letting Morgan direct the film when they wanted to capitalise on this success, but then there's the calling on the new Bond film.

I do suspect that the new Bond perhaps grabbed his attention, and required his attention, much more than directing this final political film that he's talked about, well final for now. We won't really know until he speaks.

The Special Relationship looks like it could be a superb film though, especially considering the cast list below:

Dennis Quaid is on board to play President Clinton, Michael Sheen as Prime Minister Blair, Julianne Moore as Hillary Clinton and Helen McCrory as Cherie Blair.

However will it work so well with Richard Loncraine directing?



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