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Commando remake?

Commando.jpgWhy not, they're talking about remaking, rebooting or developing a sequel to just about every other Arnold Schwarzenegger film from Total Recall to Predator and they've just done Terminator, so why the hell not?

It's a big rumour just now of course, but it's a good one, and I'm a fan of Commando anyway, aww come on it's a big slab of cheese with a lot of laughter added in.

However imagine if they had some balls to do something different with the remake, imagine if they made it…now wait for it, this could be scary for some of you…realistically? What a film that would be, it would be like…well…Rambo.

The word comes from an Australian magazine called RCI through JoBlo, I've no idea about the magazine, there's no scan, nothing, but I too have heard things said before about a Commando remake, and if we look at it logically just about every other Arnold Schwarzenegger action film is being remade, never mind the action films from the same period of time.

Yes, Hollywood is currently eating its own output from that era, make of that image what you will, and combining these two facts together you might see the opportunity too.

Commando is your atypical story of an elite soldier who has retired who is pulled back in to carry out a mission for someone or his daughter will be murdered. So he decides to use the time before the mission is to be carried out to put his skills to good use and track her down, rescue her, and kill everyone who gets in the way.

Oh. Shall we all say Taken (Filmstalker review), ? It's like so many other films, including the recent Russian remake itself, but having just seen it in Taken most recently, I wonder if we really need to see it again?

After all Commando really was Schwarzenegger, that's what made the film, and throwing anyone else into the film it just becomes another similar story, one we just saw Liam Neeson do so well.



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