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Conan director found

Conan.jpgBrett Ratner hasn't been set to direct Conan for some time but there's been no real word of a replacement just a few rumours. Well there's another here today, and it's a good choice if you're looking for raw, visceral action in the film, Marcus Nispel.

Nispel is responsible for The Texas Chainsaw and Friday the 13th remakes, or whatever the studio and executives would like them to be called, and although they weren't the best ever, they were pretty good versions and delivered a lot of what I think most would want from a Conan film.

It was a while ago that we heard of Brett Ratner leaving Conan, and the rumours have been pretty quite quiet since, we did hear that James McTeigue was in the running, well now there's a new rumour and it's suggesting that it's Marcus Nispel who's been given the role.

Sounds an interesting choice, he could bring a strong feel to the Conan film and not instantly grate with the choice of the fans of the original films and stories. What do you think? Good choice, bad choice? Surely it's better than the Brett Ratner news?

Actually CHUD through FirstShowing are saying that this is more than a rumour, the contracts have been signed and Marcus Mispel for the task, another remake, but a strong, violent and brutal Conan?



Didn't he direct Pathfinder as well?Thats the nearest to a Conan type of film we've had in years and it was fairly good in my opinion.Even Karl Urban would've been a decent Conan but not now - it would be too much simalar to Pathfinder.Nispel as director is a great idea I think.If they ever plan to make a film of the comic 2000 a.d.'s Slaine he would be a good choice for a director.


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