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Corman and Dante on horror trilogy

JoeDante.jpgThe deal here is not to get too excited, the idea of Roger Corman and Joe Dante working together on a horror trilogy is exciting, but it's not going to be three feature length films, in fact it's going to be three short films, of under ten minutes each, but there's going to be a great twist in the tale.

After Corman and Dante have written, filmed and edited the first short film, the audience will get the chance to decide what happens next.

Roger Corman was giving a talk about his career at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year, and during the talk Joe Dante walked into the cinema to listen to the man speak, and that's about the time that Corman broke the news of the project together.

I'm not entirely sure that I haven't heard this before, the idea is certainly not new, but I'm not entirely sure if I'd ever heard these two great names were going to work together. The news comes through the Edinburgh Evenings News.

Roger Corman will write the three seven minute short films and Joe Dante will direct them, and will be streamed on Netflix in the U.S. on Halloween. However after the first film viewers have twenty-four hours to vote on which two characters they would like to see killed off for the next episode, and then the pair have a week to write, film and edit the next episode.

This is going to happen again and there will be a third episode in the series for another week.

It seems like a huge scoop for Netflix, and for the concepts of interactive film-making and online offering of films, but is it anything more than a sales gimmick for Netflix's online film sales? Perhaps so, and yet the definitely idea sounds interesting, and bringing together these two talents will be something interesting to see.

Roger Corman mentored Joe Dante early in his career, and has produced a couple of his films including the currently being remade Piranha.

Of course both have had big successes of their own, and Corman has been responsible for producing well over three hundred films, so there's a lot of experience here and a lot of excitement for horror fans.

I wonder though if this really is what audiences want to see, or if it is going to be a little gimmick.



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