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Dallas Howard writes Originals

BryceDallasHoward.jpgBryce Dallas Howard has co-written a script with Dane Charbeneau called Originals which is being reported as possibly bring picked up by her father Ron Howard to direct, although I personally don't think that would happen, but the possibility is there.

The story is about a group of adults in their twenties who are brought back together by the unexpected news that the teacher who was responsible for shaping their early lives has fallen into a coma unexpectedly.

When I first read that blurb and the fact that the film was called Originals, I was suddenly thinking of some kind of superhero film, perhaps there was some realistic hero tale here like Unbreakable, but on closer inspection of the story, perhaps not.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Bryce Dallas Howard and Dane Charbeneau wrote Originals to try and convey a sense of the quarter live crisis that her contemporaries were dealing with. Apparently the idea was solely her own and she brought in Charbeneau to help her write it.

The script has been in development for a number of years now, and apparently has shown it to her father Ron Howard who, according to the article, sees it as a film he could do to break up all the huge budget blockbusters he's become known for.

It seems that Originals may well make its way onto his directing slate along with the list of films he has in development, including Colossus, the supercomputer film.

There's a nice little story in here too that I thought was pretty cool considering Howard (daughter) wrote and Howard (father) may direct. David Charbeneau worked closely with Bryce Dallas and got to know her sister Jocelyn, in fact they got to know each other so well that they've become engaged, congratulations! Now isn't that keeping it in the family? Everyone say "awww".



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