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Danny Trejo on Expendables and Machete

DannyTrejo.jpgDanny Trejo has been talking about two projects, one he is involved in and one he isn't.

He will be appearing in Machete and a lot sooner than we thought. However he has confirmed he isn't in Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables.

Just last week Robert Rodriguez said that he planned to film his live action Jetsons film next year. And with Machete, Nerverackers, Sin City 2 and Predators on the go, one could only guess what his next film would be.

Machete has been kicking around for a while now. Rodriguez wrote the script years ago, and then made a fake trailer for Grindhouse. The full film has taken a bit longer to make reality, but Danny Trejo now says it is imminent. He told Gordon and the Whale, through Cinema Blend, that he had spoken to Rodriguez about the film.

Trejo said he just talked to Rodriguez yesterday and was told they would begin shooting in 5 weeks.

So Machete looks like being Rodriguez's next film. It's definitely been in the wings for long enough. I guess it will be the start of a busy few years for him. One film that Trejo says he won't be starring in is The Expendables. He has been on the cast list as rumoured on IMDB for a while now, but he says he has never been approached about the film. That's that cleared up then.

Are you looking forward to Machete?



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