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David Goyer updates Invisible Man

DavidGoyer.jpgNews on David S. Goyer's Invisible Man film has been thin on the ground recently. He has been kept more than busy with The Unborn.

We do know he is planning on a slightly different take on the original story, but where is he with it exactly?

When news of David S. Goyer taking on The Invisible Man story first broke, he said he planned on making a sequel. The story would take place after H.G. Wells story, with the nephew of The Invisible Man finding his uncle's formula. He is then caught by MI6, and used as a secret weapon. And in February this year, he said he planning on setting the film in the 1900s. With Scotland Yard desperate to get their hands on the journals etc.

However as far as solid news of anything happening, we haven't had much. David S. Goyer talked to Shock Till You Drop, through First Showing.net.

I've since finished a draft and I'm in the midst of revisions for it right now. Universal seems pretty high on it. So, they're just breathing down my neck to get the revisions done. It's a movie they'd like to make.

So it is still going ahead. And it looks like the success or otherwise of The Wolf Man, starring Benicio Del Toro, will determine how interested the studio is in The Invisible Man and a few other films.

It sounds like Goyer is coming up with something a bit different, as opposed to a flat out remake. That's something at least. Are you interested in a new take on The Invisible Man?



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