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Daybreakers trailer online

Daybreakers.jpgA trailer for Daybreakers is online. A vampire film with a difference, where vampires have taken over the world. They face a supply problem though when it comes to blood.

Ethan Hawke and William Defoe are amoung the stars. The trailer is inside.

Daybreakers is set in the year 2019, when a plague has seen almost every human being turned into a vampire. The vampires hunt down the remaining humans, and farm them for blood. They are running out of humans to suck dry though, which prompts them to look for an alternative. Ethan Hawke's character is tasked with trying to find a solution, but finds himself trying to save humankind.

The trailer is below. It looks great, and something different from the normal vampire film. Take a look and see what you think.



Looks good. The story sounds interesting.

oh wow, this looks really good! I love the concept as well, can't wait to see it. Particulary liked the creepy character of Sam Neil. It all looks quite predictable in that Ethans character will fall in love with the human woman but the action sequences looked really great.

Wow, it's been a while since a trailer caught me like that just did. Perfect blend of action and the choice of music is superb. Love it.

I'm definitely going to keep an eye open for this film, it could be a great turn on the vampire genre.

All great movies and very entertaining. This shows you how incorrect and out of touch with the public some of this "professional" reviewers/editors are

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