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Three DeLorean biographical films

JohnDeLorean.jpgIt doesn't seem too strange that a film about John DeLorean might be made, however three? Well that's the number that's currently being looked at, and while a few of them come from way back, it seems that there's a race on for DeLorean's life on screen.

John DeLorean is the man most famous for making the car where the doors went straight up, never really went that fast, and had loads of problems, but it featured in the Back to the Future films as the lead car.

However his life was turned upside down when he was arrested for drug dealing in order to raise funds to save his company which was struggling with the DeLorean car. All wasn't as it seems though, he was entrapped by the FBI and he even wrote a letter to his lawyer stating what was happening and that it should be read in the event of his capture.

He managed to successfully defend himself and was found not guilty through entrapment, however by then he had lost the company he had built and the famous car.

He ended up losing everything though, but that car has become a part of cinematic history.

Yet it wasn't just about the DeLorean car, John DeLorean had a hand in many more cars than just his own. He worked for GM's Pontiac division and was responsible for a great many achievements, but what he was most known for was bringing the Pontiac GTO to life, widely regarded as the first American muscle car.

As head of the Pontiac division he went on to deliver the Pontiac Firebird, a car I fell in love with when I was young.

You can read more of his life story over at Wikipedia, but let's get back to the story of the biographical films being made of his life. Variety through The Playlist reports that there are three currently in development.

Time Inc. Studios and XYZ Films are working on the latest one, and it seems to be the one backed up with the most information, for behind it the film carries:

"...articles from Fortune and Time; the Hillel Levin-penned DeLorean book "Grand Delusions"; and an unpublished memoir written by DeLorean himself."

The studios also claim that...

"...they have cooperation from the car designer's longtime friend and business partner Fred Dellis and from DeLorean son Zachary DeLorean, executor of the DeLorean estate."

Now that is a major scoop for the film, with that backing and access to source material this could be the richest and most in depth film about the man that we're going to get to see.

Another project is one with producers now that has the life rights from John DeLorean's long term attorney, and the last production is one that has James Toback, who just brought us the Tyson film, writing the script for Brett Ratner to direct.

Out of that lot I think I'm going for the latest one with all the backing, I can't really see that the Ratner version could be good, although Toback writing could provide us with a very interesting tale.

Are you interested in a story about John DeLorean? The man who is credited with bringing the Pontiac GTO and Firebird to the world, and with creating the car from Back to the Future? Sure that's the positive view of his life, the rest is what will be explored in the films.



As his banker in those turbulent times, I can say he was guilty. He became a extraordinarily pressured and troubled man. I knew him well. He worried about keeping his children in fur coats, he worried about losing everything, he felt persecuted and he shared personality traits with Richard Nixon.

I was subpoenaed by everyone from the DEA to the British Government. Anyone that says he was innocent is naive. While he may have been entrapped, he was never innocent. In his last act he had one of his people threaten to kill me (in the press at the time). He was not a nice man. He had his own demons.

So I take it you've had no dealings with the film version of the man's life?

What do you feel about films being made about him? Or is it down to the way he ends up being protrayed?


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