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Donnie Darko 3 with Richard Kelly?

DonnieDarko.jpgA sequel to Donnie Darko has already happened, thanks to Chris Fisher. One component missing from it was the brain behind the first, Richard Kelly.

Rumour has it though that a Donnie Darko 3 is in the early stages, and Kelley might be involved.

Chris Fisher brought us the Donnie Darko sequel, S.Darko. It starred Daveigh Chase, reprising her role as Donnie's sister from the first film. She and a friend head for Los Angeles, hoping to hit the big time. But the journey is held up by car trouble, large meteorites and hallucinations. You can see the teaser trailer here.

Mastermind of the first, Richard Kelly was no where near this one. But a rumour hitting the internet says that 20th Century Fox are planning another sequel. Bloody Disgusting, through Cinema Blend, say Kelley may be back for this one.

Something that also caught our ears is that Richard Kelly might actually be involved at some capacity.

Only a rumour at this stage, and I guess that could mean him as a producer, writer or director. You know, even with Kelly back I'd be sceptical about a sequel. I'm not sure Donnie Darko is the kind of film that suits a sequel.

What do you think? Would a Donnie Darko sequel work with Kelly back? Or should it be left alone?



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