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Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009: Day Six

EIFF.pngDay five was a washout for me, a problem with my mobile phone not working caused my entire morning to be shot, and after a relaxing late lunch it was decided to take the day off, so I did. Well, I wrote instead, so not totally off.

Day Six was just yesterday and consisted of a race to the Videotheque in the morning in the hope of seeing Black Dynamite (a running saga with a few of us) and then The Maiden Heist and Le Donk.

When I got to the Videotheque, who are now only taking one day in advance bookings, I discovered a new list of available films. Brilliant I thought, the two we're told are digitised and ready for viewing but never have been might be viewable.

I hit 'b' for Black Dynamite, still digitised, the letters 'na' against it, still no luck. Straight to 'e' for Exam, again digitised, but the time showing two minutes, only the trailer, the only trailer on the entire list.

So it was onto a random choice and that turned out to be Schrödinger's Girl. It was a very low budget British science fiction film with a huge scope, and apart from a few over acted scenes and some cheap television effects, the story holds up well and is rather clever. I was actually impressed and you could see this being picked up to be remade with a bigger and better budget.

Then The Maiden Heist starring Christopher Walken, Morgan Freeman and William H. Macy directed by Peter Hewitt, the man who directed Sliding Doors. It was light hearted and fun, and for the most part was rather good. However the ending really did let the film down, but the cast were superb fun. Plenty of laughs.

Finally Le Donk, and that received the biggest press audience I've seen for the EIFF this year, and the loudest laughter, as well as the first round of applause. A great fun film from Shane Meadows which has a lot of genuinely funny moments in it, is very cleverly done, and has a great performance from Paddy Considine.

That was followed by a great win by Sebastian Vettel in the British Grand Prix, I had recorded the entire race you see, with a poor British showing which was a shame. Still, Jenson Button is leading the championship and there's a lot of hope for the coming circuits, even if Red Bull have a great car right now.

Okay, got to get ready and catch my bus for Day Seven. The Missing Person, The Girlfriend Experience, Antichrist and my chiropractor!

Filmstalker at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009



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