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Edinburgh International Film Festival: Day Nine

EIFF.pngThe ninth day of the Edinburgh International Film Festival kicked off with a missed bus and a panic thinking I wasn't going to get to my first screening, Pontypool.

Luckily I made it, before my fellow colleagues who have been co-stalking the festival, and I was glad I did make it for Pontypool turned out to be a really good film, if a little odd.

It was shot superbly and was very good for the first half, when the reasons of what's happening come out it gets a little muddled and perhaps a little silly, but it still holds its own and is a damn good film. Then there's the really confusing post credit sequence where everyone went “what?!” and had a big confused laugh.

I had a quick dash to Romeo and Juliet vs. the Living Dead to make but the guys I was with told that the trailer was rubbish, so hey presto I avoided it and went for coffee. Then it was a little writing and a visit to the videotheque where I watched Fear Me Not (Den du frygter) and High Times.

Fear Me Not was a good little thriller starring the always strong Ulrich Thomsen, however he wasn't the best part of the film, and it also fumbled the ending just a little.

High Life provided some fun and light relief and it got funnier as the film went on, with Timothy Olyphant proving he's much more than we saw in Die Hard 4.0 (Filmstalker review).

Good day, and although I should have been going to see Fragments this evening, I really couldn't be bothered. It's definitely nearing the end.

Out of the day though, I'd say Pontypool was the best, and a film well worth seeing.

Pontypool is showing on the 26th June at 22:00 and 27th June at 22:30 both in Cameo 1, and is only due for a DVD release in the U.S. from the 21st of July.

High Life has no releases planned anywhere!

Fear Me Not (Den du frygter) is next due for a DVD release in Denmark on the 23rd of June.

Filmstalker at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009



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