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Fincher on Facebook Film

DavidFincher.jpgDavid Fincher has apparently started discussions to direct the film about the birth and rise of the Internet social networking site Facebook.

There's no more information than that from the article, other than reciting the same old news about who is behind it, and so I find it hard to believe that David Fincher could genuinely be interested in the film.

The original announcement told us that this might be less the traditional idea of technical inventors develop something so popular, and more about the people who use it, and maybe this is the different tact that has David Fincher interested.

Aaron Sorkin is writing the script as we heard from the last story, and he has next to no technical internet ability, and it was there that it was said he would be interviewing people who use the site

The Fincher story comes from The Hollywood Reporter but without any more details this is still rumour and a rather surprising one at that.

I think it says more about the Facebook film than David Fincher, and perhaps the film is looking to deliver something a little different, because really I can't see Fincher directing a straight up film on the development of Facebook.



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