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First ten minutes of Doghouse online

Doghouse.jpgThe first ten minutes of Doghouse, the latest British horror comedy has been released online, and it's quite an opening for a film of this type and might just be setting itself apart from the rest occupying this area.

However it is in good company and it's not as though the other films sitting in that list are bad, and it could be quite content sitting alongside them, indeed successful, but there's something else that attracts you to this film from the opening sequence, it really does set itself apart.

The first ten minutes, or rather eleven minutes of Doghouse looks pretty damn good. It's filmed well, there's a style and a class to the build up, it looks very strong in creating the characters in the first few minutes, and it stars Danny Dyer, Stephen Graham and Noel Clarke. Dyer plays, well, Dyer, and the rest of the cast look pretty good.

The story sees a group of guys heading off to a remote village for a weekend of remembering the old days and drinking, however when they get there they discover that the women in the village have all been turned into man-hating cannibals.

Unfortunately that's where the clip turns back to the pack for me, after the first ten minutes of the opening I was really rather hooked, the style, the camera work, and the darker more serious tones mixed with real world comedy and pathos had me totally absorbed and I didn't want to stop watching.

Then the montage kicks in to tell you not to worry, the usual set-ups and zombie fighting are there too. Oh there are hints at a few different things than normal, like Danny Dyer's character, the same character he always plays, being pitched against zombies, the Butch and Sundance moment, yeah, there are some good moments.

However it did feel like it was going to do a stylish and interesting opening and then turn back to the comedy horror staple.

I don't think that's a bad thing, but as I say, that opening looked so good and that it could deliver more in itself.

You can see the full ten minutes over at Empire who have been granted the exclusive. We'll be officially getting the video next week I think, but for now I'll direct you to those guys who have the exclusive.

Exclusive passed, here's the trailer:

Either way I'm still looking forward to Doghouse, it might just prove me wrong and deliver something different all the way through, despite the zombie women.



Looks like a stereotypicl hetrosexual film, with the usual lead actors competing to swear the most (and best). Not something I would normally go and pay. Danny Dyer is a good actor, but I have no idea why he does these type casting roles/movies.

I think think this looks really interesting and it set's it up for something far beyond the normal horror/comedey - way more Shaun than LVK. I have real hopes for this and will go and see it at the cinema.

Kat C., I can see the set-up has a lot of promise, but then the clip burst at the end makes me agree with Billy. It'll be worth seeing though to see if there is that different feel throughout.

As soon as I saw it was a horror film starring Danny Dyer, I couldn't bring myself to watch it. His roles are always the same, something he has admitted himself.

A remote village with menohating cannibal women? Isn't that what lesbian vampires killers was about except replacing vampires with cannibals?

Exactly Michelle! You caught it, it is just Lesbian Vampire Killers with a darker slant taken to it. In fact I'm sure this could be subtitled Lesbian/Bisexual/Straight Female Zombie Killers!

Of course we're basing this on the opening clip alone, and then it's mainly the post opening clip montage, but it does seem to bend in that direction.

As for Dyer, spot on. He's always the same role and same character, even when he's doing some television presenting. He has to find something new and stretch himself a little as an actor.


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