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Footage seen of Cameron's Avatar

Avatar.jpgJames Cameron and cast have been talking about Avatar at the Cinema Expo in Amsterdam and while they were there they shared some footage of the film with the audience.

James Cameron is still adamant that this is the future and that it will take over from normal pictures, and the audience apparently went mad for the footage, despite the fact that the footage we've seen is still unfinished.

I do have to say I think James Cameron is a cinematic genius, but here I'm not so sure if he's right, and even if he turns out to be, if he's a bit premature when he said:

"Three years ago, I stood up here and said the 3D renaissance is coming and from what we've seen in the business, we can now say it has arrived."

That was one of his comments at the show through the BBC.

Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldanaand Stephen Lang were all on hand to talk about the film and introduce various scenes, but while reports are going mad for the footage that was seen, although to make it clear one person who saw it reported through IESB that...

"...Because it's unfinished, it consisted of crude 3-D scenes, like out of a video game."

However in the same breath they talked about how they were so desperate to see it they wished that they had a time machine to head forward in time to see the finished film.

Interestingly in the BBC article people who saw the footage apparently were saying:

"This will change movies forever"..."Footage from Avatar was stunning, literally jaw-dropping. Amazing visuals unlike any before seen, with incredible detail."

So there's a little difference in the reported comments there, video game footage doesn't look so great blown up to a big screen and compared with "amazing visuals unlike any before seen".

Now I'm sure that Avatar is going to be stunning, but that's surely down to the newly created technology, James Cameron's driving force, and the amazing budget thrown at it. Without all these factors could we really say that 3D has arrived considering what we're seeing in the mainstream 3D releases?

I don't think so. I do believe that Avatar will be amazing, but will it really be the type of mainstream cinema event we'll see coming from films? I don't think so, not for a long time, and let's not get into the home cinema debate or the one about having to wear 3D glasses, no matter how unobtrusive they are.

Suffice to say footage has been seen and hype and expectation remains high.



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