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Hamlet as young suspense thriller

EmileHirsch.jpgWell it's always said that the classic stories are always being remade for film, so is it any surprise that Hamlet is about to be adapted as a suspense thriller with some young Hollywood stars?

Perhaps not, but something like Baz Luhrmann's or Kenneth Branagh's adaptations come to mind, not Catherine Hardwicke with Emile Hirsch.

Now I can feel knee jerk reactions galore, even I had one, but here's a couple of interesting thoughts. Catherine Hardwicke also directed Thirteen, Ron Nyswaner is the writer and he also wrote Philadelphia, and Emile Hirsch helped conceive the idea. Now there's a little pique of interest hit with each of those thoughts isn't there?

The story is given very briefly through The Hollywood Reporter and really does come down to the story of Hamlet. This new one will tell the story of a young man who has to decide whether to kill his Uncle and avenge the death of his father.

So it's Hamlet, however it's a younger group of actors and those behind the screen too, and the producers want to keep it that way too as they say their goal...

“...is to present the story as a suspense thriller. We want to make it exciting and accessible for an audience today.”

I'm not sure, it's really early days to take a judgement call on how this will turn out, but adapting Shakespeare for film is always a good thing, yet it doesn't always turn out well.

While the idea of Hirsch leading a Hamlet film has me troubled, there are other facts behind the production that have me thinking perhaps we'll see an adaptation that can offer something new, or at least different.

The problem I think is if it becomes a stock thriller, sure the set-up and the plot could be something special, but they need to make sure that adapts to film well, otherwise we'll just feel like we're watching young actors performing roles that are too old, too mature for them.



Heh, my knee jerk reaction, "Hell no!" I cannot help but be highly skeptical. I'm not a big fan of modernized Shakespeare, so we'll just have to see, but my insides are cringing.


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