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Hellraiser loses director

Hellraiser.jpgThere seemed no other director who was so close to what was required for a Hellraiser remake than Pascal Laugier, after watching Martyrs you could see some serious similarities and connections, and even if you didn't know about the remake you could see a similar tone.

Now though, that appears to be wishful thinking as the Twitter account for the alleged real Clive Barker, although bear in mind that adding the name Real before someone's name doesn't necessarily make it so, has revealed that the director is no longer attached.

The RealCliveBarker has written that Pascal Laugier is off the remake, and he seems utterly disappointed, and entirely cynical about the whole event, although he has no real idea why it would seem.

Tracking down the actual twitters through the Bloody Disgusting story we hear that:

“Pascal Laugier is regrettably no longer on the Hellraiser remake. I think Martyrs is extraordinary...

...I don't know much more. I mean why would anyone tell me? I mostly discover these things here or through friends who still buy the trades....

...Sorry,did that sound cynical? Yeah? Good.”

Well that sound like he's right off the project, but with Clive Barker knowing nothing I wouldn't hold out much hope for the real story unless Laugier decides to spill the beans.

The real question now is who are they going to pick next? Rob Zombie? McG? Mind you with a damn good directorial choice like this off the project there's the chance that the remake could now just fall by the wayside, and perhaps that's the better option.



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