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Hitman sequel?

Hitman.jpgHitman could be gaining a sequel, if the rumours are right, and the writer has been hired already.

While many might think that there doesn't deserve to be a second Hitman (Filmstalker review) film, I disagree. Although there were a number of problems with the first film it was a solid adaptation of the character to film, and Timothy Olyphant was good as the main character.

Kyle Ward is the man who has been hired to write the sequel, and having just delivered a script for the video game adaptation of Kane & Lynch which gained Bruce Willisin one of the leads, you'd be forgiven for thinking he would be perfect to ramp up the action and the scope of the second film.

The story comes from IESB through Latino Review who are saying that they've confirmed that he's taking the the task in hand, although there's no actual official word or quotes.

I'd be very excited to see a sequel, because the first film was pretty good at adapting the video game to the big screen. While many just attack video game adaptations just because they do come from video games, I don't. I prefer to judge each adaptation on the depth of the original story and the potential, whether it comes from a book, game, real life, whatever.

Just because a film is adapted from a video game does not make it bad, and people seem to forget how well and how entertaining some of these films have been. There's nothing to say that a Hitman sequel couldn't be better than the first and turn out to be a damn good film. I'm hoping anyway.



Oh good lord no!. I know everyone has their own opinion on casting! but the forst movie was the worst bit of casting ive seen in a long long time!!. Not that I dotn rate Timothy! but he just doesnt fit!. its a shame because there are so many actors who could pull off the lead in this so much better!. Ive played all the Hitman games and a big fan, I always imagined an older actor like Willis or ideally , Jason Statham?. Please please recast for part2!

Oh come on, he wasn't that bad! I thought he worked well, and I agree, and said so for the run up to the making of Hitman, Jason Statham would have been the best actor for the Hitman without a doubt.

Maybe for this one? Transporter is quite a ways in the past and he's certainly upped his profile.


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