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How to be a Serial Killer trailer online

HowtobeaSerialKiller.jpgI should be writing reviews, but this trailer caught my eye and I couldn't help not posting about it. How to be a Serial Killer comes from writer and director Luke Ricci and tells the story of Mike, a man who is a charismatic and well educated man and also a serial killer.

He wants to teach people about his art, so he recruits a young man and begins to teach him everything there is about serial killing, step by step. However his plan is interrupted when his girlfriend discovers what he really does and events start careering out of control.

How to be a Serial Killer stars Dameon Clarke as Mike, the serial killer, and Matthew Gray Gubler as his apprentice, and you can see the trailer right here.

It's an interesting trailer that looks a lot of fun. There's definitely going to be some blood involved, but there's also going to be a few laughs, and perhaps some interesting takes on the human condition, there often are in serial killer films.

What do you think? Is it too low budget and twisted for you, or does this spark something a little more interesting, a little less normal for you? I have to say the latter for me, and the trailer has me interested.



The serial killer flick looks good, but it's away too TV looking. Glossy American.

I can see how it makes sense you don't have someone that you would "Think" looked like a serial killer, but I just wish they had shot it better. A few more interesting shooting formats etc



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