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Jaime King as Bridget Bardot?

BridgetBardot.jpgThe word is that Kyle Newman is going to create a biographical film of Bridget Bardot, the iconic French actress who starred in some forty-eight films being propelled to stardom for her role in And God Created Woman.

However in later years her life has become a little tainted, with five convictions for inciting racial hatred and has been rather outspoken about immigration, interracial relationships and French Islamists.

The rumour is that Kyle Newman, the man who made the film Fanboys, is looking to create a film about Bridget Bardot's life, a life which would definitely be an interesting one to film on screen as it could also trace her early life as a ballet dancer and model through her acting career, marriages, and onto her more chequered outspoken views.

Apparently, according to the story from Inpress, an Australian magazine tracked down by Cinema Blend, he has an actress in mind for the role too, his wife, Jamie King.

JamieKing.jpgNow while most people might think it's a little cheeky to cast his wife in a film of such an iconic beauty, if you think about Jamie King she is kind of perfect for the role, after all she has a classic beauty and definitely oozes sex from some of her screen performances, think Sin City (Filmstalker review).

I think that King could definitely pull off the role of Bardot, however the hardest part she, and Newman will find, is tackling her later life. Mind you they might decide not to cover that part of her life.

Saying that though there are tons of models and actresses who could so easily portray Bardot's classic beauty, aren't there, and it's not all about the sexy looks.



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