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Life in One Day (Het Leven Uit Een Dag) trailer online

LifeinOneDay.jpgThere's a trailer for a film called Life in One Day (Het Leven Uit Een Dag) online that shows us that there's still space for some unique stories, Hollywood take note, but please don't interpret that as “we need to remake this”.

The story is simple, humans only live one day like many insects. They are born in the morning, age throughout the day, and die in the evening. However a couple who fall in love in the middle of the day believe that they can see a way to stay together forever.

Now from here on there might be spoilers. I have no idea of the novel by A. F. Th. van der Heijden that has become somewhat of a cult in it's native country, nor the story, so I can't really tell you if they are or not. Quiet Earth, who have the story, do suggest that there are spoilers here, but for me this seems to spell out the crux of the story where the characters will play out...really I'm not sure, so read with warning.

They commit a murder and are executed for their act, thus sending them to hell where they repeat day after day for eternity. There they hope to meet and live together forever.

However, and here's where the blurb gets a little sketchy through translation. It seems that they end up in hell in different times, and judging by the trailer it all gets a little tricky from there on in.

Here's the trailer for Het Leven Uit Een Dag so that you can see for yourself, unfortunately there aren't any subtitles, but armed with that knowledge and watching the images I think you understand the tale.

It does look lovely doesn't it, and the story is hugely intriguing. I can't wait to see a subtitled version.



"It does look lovely doesn't it, and the story is hugely intriguing. I can't wait to see a subtitled version."



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