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New G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra trailer online

GIJoe.jpgA new trailer for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is online. The film has been in the news recently, with all kinds of rumours about the director being fired.

But now you can put that to one side and look at another trailer.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra has a pretty good cast on board. But is perhaps struggling to interest people like me. That is people who know next to nothing about G.I. Joe. And recently it was rumoured that Stephen Sommers had been fired from the film. And even more recently, there were various sources claiming everything was fine. Very confusing.

Whatever the truth, the film is still going ahead. And there is a second full trailer to go along with it. Lots of special effects, lots of "Whoo"ing and a lot of action. I'm guessing that's what a G.I. Joe trailer is supposed to be like. But I really wouldn't know any different.

Check out the trailer below, and let us all know what you think.



if you don't know anything about G.I. Joe, you really should check out the animated movie from the '80s. it may be hard to find but i think i have a vhs copy somewhere around. if it came to it, i'd fish it out of the rubbish and mail it to you.

You guys know the line as "action man". it's renamed overseas because of obvious reasons. There was never any big "we're america and we rock" aspect of the old tv show, though the american flag was on every piece of equipment they had. The action figures were mostly flamboyant archaeotypical characters lifted straight from pulp, dusted off and fitted into the G.I. Joe universe. You had salty sailors, muscular black dudes who talked in rhyme ( roadblock, who is most people's personal favorite ) and police k.9. units, ninjas, etc.

the main thing about G.I. Joe is that it's pure good vs pure evil. Cobra is an evil organization wanting nothing but world conquest ( they're easy to please. ) i'm rambling. i'm also bored. bear with me. lol

anyway, the film from the '80s was really cool if you were a fan, and if not, it's a good introduction to their world. It's a bit gritty and it expands on who Cobra are and where they came from, and serves as some sort of final installment of their earlier series of cartoons, making way for future ones.

the character Duke gets stabbed in the heart with a snake and goes into a coma.

imagine watching THAT when you were 8. and Duke was my hero.

it's why i'm like i am today.

Thanks! I don't think I could get a much better run down!

I will see if I can lay my hands on the film from the 80s. If not I might take you up on your offer.


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