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New [Rec] 2 teaser trailer online

Rec2.jpgThere's a new teaser trailer online for [Rec] 2, the Spanish sequel to [Rec], not to be confused with the Hollywood remake Quarantine or it's own sequel, Quarantine 2. What's interesting about the teaser is the style they've gone for and the approach the film will take.

This is all from the point of view of helmet cameras on members of a specialist armed police unit who are sent into the building to find out what's going on and why people died.

Although I am liking this teaser for [Rec] 2, I'm also hoping that they don't just concentrate on this throughout the film and that we see something a little more and it's just that this is what they have for the teaser trailer.

Saying that though I think they've done it really well and it works well, now if they'd done more of this for Doom it might have worked, however it can't work for the whole film.

Underlying this I hope there's something more. I mean in the first film we saw the authorities seal the building really quickly, almost before everyone really knew what was going on, it was as though they knew something the people inside didn't.

If that were the case I'd love to see that the motivating factor behind this one is that the authorities are after patient zero and what that brings about in perhaps a third film.

However for now we'll do with the teaser, and it's a strong teaser at that. See what you think of it. It comes through the excellent Quiet Earth.



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