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Odin cast in Thor?

BrianBlessed.jpgThe father of Thor may well have been cast in the upcoming and much anticipated comic book adaptation by Kenneth Branagh. It's rumour for now, but it seems like an almost perfect fit at the same time.

The word is that the man who is destined to play Odin is none other than Brian Blessed, he of the voice.

Brian Blessed is mostly known for his role in Flash Gordon, but his big break was in British television and the numerous roles he played through many series, however it was Z Cars that he appeared in most of all in some one hundred and fourteen episodes.

His voice has been used in television and films galore, including Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, and he's had strong stage appearances as well as a good few roles in Shakespearean adaptations for the big screen, including Kenneth Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing, Henry V, Hamlet and As You Like It.

So is it too much to believe that he would play Odin, the father of Thor? No. Considering how much Branagh and Blessed have worked together and how imposing on screen Blessed looks and sounds, I think he'd be perfect to play Odin.

It's funny how things turn around on projects. I originally believed that the idea of a film of Thor was going to be completely daft, however with Branagh behind it things took a different turn, it gained weight, depth and intelligence, and with a classically trained guiding hand that has created some stunningly good Shakespearean adaptations along with the similarly strong cast, I'm beginning to believe that Thor could turn into something special.

However as time and films have proven already, the studio are the ones who control how the film turns out. Let's hope that this time Branagh can be the one to stand up to them and push back.



And who can forget his part as Vultan in Flash Gordon. "Dive!"

Of course, "Gordon's alive!".


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