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Oldboy remake still on

OldBoy-Cover.jpgA couple of weeks ago we heard that the Oldboy remake planned by Steven Spielberg and Will Smith, might have hit a stumbling block. The publishers of the original manga, were suing a production company over the film rights.

We thought that might slow things down. But it looks like it is still going ahead as planned.

It was something of a surprise when Steven Spielberg and Will Smith announced they were to remake the Koran film, Oldboy (Filmstalker review). Their actual plan, as it turned out, was to make a film of the original Japanese manga, which inspired the first film. But two weeks ago, the publisher of that manga, started a law suit against a production company Show East. It stated that they could not sell the rights to a film version.

All that doesn't look like stopping Spielberg and Smith though. Although it has gotten fairly complicated. Reuters, through /Film, say that it was Cineclick Asia who were working with Show East, that sold the rights to Universal. The rights then went to Mandate and then Dreamworks.

It doesn't end there though. Show East have gone bust, and the boss is missing. And Big Egg, who were co-producers of the first film have also gone bust, and invisible. Well, that's quite a mess to untangle. But Dreamworks say they are moving on regardless. Maybe their argument, is that they didn't make the deal with the other companies being sued.

Like it or not, it looks like the film is moving ahead. I can't say I have much appetite for it. I really enjoyed the Korean film, but I can see the Hollywood version changing quite a few things to suit Will Smith.



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