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Original RoboCop writer talks on remake

RoboCop.jpgEd Neumeier, screenwriter and co-producer of the original RoboCop has spoken about the remake, or whatever it is, and it's an interesting and very guarded set of comments. Actually, it's not guarded at all when it comes to the final few words.

RoboCop is heading for a remake, or reboot, or whatever, and while the director choice has been pretty surprising and an incredibly clever choice for the film, there's still some doubt over whether it will happen or not.

Well let's forget Darren Aronofsky's less than positive comments about whether this will get made or not, something I think will be more attributable to the studio, their history with the franchise, and just how much they are willing to give to Aronofsky over the control.

Anyway, let's pass away from that and see what Ed Neumeier has to say about RoboCop:

“Darren Aronofsky, the director of record last time I checked, is a talented guy and I presume he’ll do something interesting...”

Those are his words through Moviehole and MTV, and he goes on, perhaps he goes a little too far.

“The biggest problem the new movie may face is MGM’s shaky financial health...Obviously, I hope they do a good job and don’t make a mess of it like they managed to with RoboCop 2 and 3”

He also says that not he nor Paul Verhoeven were involved in the new film, but another producer, Jon Davison was consulted, although he does use the word “nominally” to clarify that.

Frankly it doesn't sound that he's too impressed or hopeful for the film, even his comment about Aronofsky being “the director of record last time I checked” is rather telling. It sounds like he's none to impressed with the idea, and frankly if you've seen any of the other RoboCop films then you would understand why.

Still, there's that hope that Darren Aronofsky is going to deliver something incredible in comparison, perhaps not as RoboCop was to audiences when it first came out, but it could be something superb.

Problem is will it suffer the same problem so many potentially good and great films do? Die at the hands of studio executives looking at formulas both on and off the spreadsheet.



One of the reasons I want to go and see Darren Aronofsky: In Person at EIFF is to hear what he has to say about Robocop.


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