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Paul screenplay reviewed

NickFrost-SimonPegg.jpgThe screenplay for Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's film Paul has apparently been read and reviewed, and the reviews are glowing, actually they are gushing, but then you might well expect that from the men that brought us Hot Fuzz (Filmstalker review) and Shaun of the Dead.

What is most interesting about the short comments on the script reading is the feel of the story, something that does see to hark back to the more pop culture influenced relationship in the television series Spaced. While the comments are short on this subject, reading a few of them do suggest that this is how the characters might be together, and that would be a good thing.

The story sees two friends who are huge comic book fans, heading to an American comic convention and becoming involved in a trek across America with an Alien from Area 51 in tow. Sounds bizarre indeed, but the few small snippets we get from the online script review give us a little more.

Their journey is going to take them on a cultural tour of America, poking fun and examining everything from...

"...Creation Vs Evolution, the bizarreness of alien conspiracies, diner culture, sat nav, lights in toilets, masculinity, and the propensity of irrelevant information."

Creation versus evolution, I'd love to see how they're going to handle that part of the comedy and not find themselves in the centre of a protest or political uprising!

Here are some words that Bleeding Cool use to describe the script:

"This script is chock full of gags, bursting at the seams. Comedy of repetition, plenty of pull-back-and-reveals and overflowing pop cultural references including one Back To The Future gag that had me gasping for breath I laughed so hard...

...It’s honest, it’s true, yes it’s mocking but in a way that both validadates and celebrates both the actual reality and the often unrealised potential of the geek lifestyle. Damn it if the screenplay isn’t moving and poignant in places. But mostly it’s Simon Pegg and Nick Frost revisiting their past screen partnership performances, the friends who know each other so well, forgive the other’s eccentricities as their own are forgiven and would likely die for each other."

Well if you read through that then you could easily make mental comparisons with the characters from Spaced, and if that were true it would make for a nice return to their roots. I'm hoping for that at least.

I'm still a little concerned about the integration of American and British comedy, the first two films from these two have been very British, and Simon Pegg has attempted a couple of films where the two join and hasn't done very well. I'm hoping that this film is more driven from the British side this time and we won't see something akin to his previous Hollywood outings. While Nick Frost joining Pegg in the lead will help confirm that they are trying to keep it more British-centric, the American cast list is strong and could start to dominate.

Actually I do believe this film is going to work out, that's just a tiny niggle. The more I think about these characters and how this story could be, the more excited I get.



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