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Phantom Legacy update

ThePhantom-BillyZane.jpgRemember Billy Zane's Phantom? Not really bad, but not that great. Well we heard some time ago that Phantom Legacy was set to remake all that and bring us something new, and finally we hear something from the writer of the new script Tim Boyle.

There's not much to compare it to the original we're led to believe, it's going to be something entirely new and the resemblance should be the character and background alone. As for casting rumours? Well as usual they are just that.

We'd been hearing word that Sam Worthington was set to take the role of the Phantom, but Tim Boyle has said that he's a friend of his and that he's certainly not been approached for the film, nor does he know anything about the role being offered to Worthington.

Of course, as he points out in the story from Moviehole, there could be something brewing in the studio from the producers or executives, but so far he's heard nothing.

Not surprising really, the script for The Phantom Legacy is still in development and there's no director. These things are kind of crucial to actors signing onto films and even actors being considered.

Talking about the film Tim Boyle reveals that he's still working on the script despite the film and comic studios saying that it's good to go. They're still polishing it and "pushing it forward" as he says.

That's good news for us, because we just might get a strong Phantom film out of it, and he's a good character to see back on the big screen too.

However, Boyle is quick to dismiss the comparisons that could be made with the recent film outing for The Phantom (there have been two others in 1961 and 1943):

"The 1996 film was a product of the time. It was campy, not believable and didn't make much sense. Audiences want to connect with the film. Hopefully we can do that on this project."

All sounds great news, and I'd love to see a good Phantom film, wouldn't you? What I do hope that this leads to is a remake of The Shadow too, even though I think the original film is still good fun.



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