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Predators director found?

NeilMarshall.jpgWow, there's a name being banded around as being on the Robert Rodriguez written and produced Predators, the so called sequel to Predator, and it's an interesting name to be thinking about.

Neil Marshall. The man who brought us Dog Soldiers, The Descent and Doomsday is being said to be in negotiations for the role right now, and that has me hugely interested.

I have to say that if Robert Rodriguez was the man directing it I'd be covering myself in mud, running away and screaming to the night sky as I carried a flaming torch. However the thought of Neil Marshall is something very different.

Now think about this for a moment. Imagine Dog Soldiers and The Descent (Filmstalker review), let's forget Doomsday (Filmstalker review) for now, both those films have a strong feeling and basis that could be used well within a Predators film, whatever it be about, the original idea of a creature tracking and killing a team of soldiers one by one fits perfectly with Dog Soldiers, and very close with The Descent, both strong films.

Doomsday doesn't really fit in there at all, and I have concerns about how far from Doomsday his Centurion film will be.

However the thought of him directing Predators is a damn good one don't you think? Just cast your mind back to Dog Soldiers and pour in more budget, CGI, and practical creature effects and we'd be laughing.

The story comes from Bloody Disgusting through FirstShowing who have a “reliable source” who claims that the studio are discussing the choice of directing Predators with him right now.

At least it's to going to be someone other than Rodriguez directing the film, as I just don't think he'd be a great choice, Marshall though is a whole different decision altogether.



Great choice for a director!I'm a big fan of Neil Marshalls - I've loved he's films till now,even Doomsday,I don't know why some people didn't like it. If he mixed the atmosphere from he's first 2 films to fit into the Predator's world,mixed an ensemble of he's usual British cast(Sean Pertwee an co.)and maybe a europeans and Americans - maybe even a cameo from Arnie himself!Also it would be nice to see the Predator franchise go solo for a change after after 2 not so brilliant but fairly enjoyable AVPs.I can't wait for Centurion so if Marshall gets Predators i'll be extatic!!

Oooh, Sean Pertwee in a Predator style line up would be great fun! I doubt he'll be accepted by the studio for a big role though, but a worldwide line-up would be cool.

The descent 1 and 2 were excellent. Part 3 would b great ..most movies that are sequels usually are not good but I must say need a 3. Anyone who doesn't agree no nothing about good movies. I could even give. Idea on how to put together.great work brunton.


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