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Puss in Boots details revealed

PussinBoots.jpgIt was Antonio Banderas himself that revealed Puss in Boots would be an origin film, and that passed many of us by, after all the whole idea seems completely mad, especially the expectation that the Puss character can carry an entire film, something that I think is stretching the character a little bit and relying too much on that overly cute factor.

Well with an origin comes the expectation that it won't be about Shrek and the other characters we've seen him with, after all they had never met in the first film. Now that's been confirmed by the writer.

"No, all new characters - except Puss… doesn't overlap with Shrek at all."

Is the comment from David H.Steinberg through Moviehole. It seems as though there were two reasons for that, one is that they wanted a Puss only story, and the second that they wanted to make sure they didn't conflict with the stories for Shrek 4 or 5.

Great. Well that's all cleared up, but it certainly weakens the proposition for the film and its story, as well as putting a huge amount of pressure on the one remaining character, Puss.

I'm not interested in seeing a film about this character, there's just not enough there for my interest to be drawn in. Sure the character is cute, but cute doesn't hold an entire film does it?

Can anyone see anything to salvage the Puss in Boots film from a kiddies DVD viewing to keep them occupied while their parents get on with more interesting things?



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