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Ridley Scott for Alien prequel?

RidleyScott.jpgThe more I hear about the Alien prequel the more I think it's just not going to happen. Originally the Scott brothers were talking about bringing on board a brand new, first time director, and I actually thought that might work well.

Now the word is that the studio don't want a first time director and want Ridley Scott to return to the series, and while I think that would be everyone's dream and could potentially bring a new franchise to life from the ashes of Alien vs. Predator, there are two very difficult things in the way, Ridley Scott and Ridley Scott.

I don't know if Ridley Scott wants to direct the film, in fact everything we've read about him over the years from that moment has said no. He's had enough nudging from fans and stars alike, but he's never budged on that front and he's never looked back at the Alien franchise.

The other aspect is Ridley Scott's career where I don't believe he's managed to deliver a film with the same intensity and power that hasn't turned to the Scott trademarks. If you like his own career has moved from Alien to Aliens and left behind a lot of what made a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0078748/" title="Alien on UK IMDB" target="_blank">Alien great.

So with the story coming from Entertainment Weekly through JoBlo that Fox wants Ridley Scott to direct and not, as I wrote about a while ago, Carl Rinsch. Here's the key comment from the latest story:

"Sources at Fox, however, tell EW that the studio is not interested in greenlighting a prequel unless Scott himself directs. Scott and his reps didn’t respond to calls for comment."

Yet the very fact that Ridley and Tony Scott are pushing forward another director for a new film that has been requested by fans for years and years, suggests that the only way they are going to entertain the idea is if they aren't directing.

However there's a glimmer of hope, and that's the fact that the Scott's are keen enough to produce the film and get on board their favoured director for it to ensure that it does go in the right direction. Perhaps there's still enough love there for the original to have a crack at it. Perhaps there's just too much fear of getting it wrong.



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