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Rodriguez gets Jetsons moving

RobertRodriguez.jpgRobert Rodriguez is a busy man these days, he has at least four films on the go. And now one that we heard about a while ago has reared it's head again.

After two years of nothing much happening, Rodriguez is planning on bringing the Jetsons film to life.

Robert Rodriguez has Predators, Sin City 2, Machete and Nerverackers in the pipeline. One film we hadn't heard of since it was first rumoured, is the live action Jetsons film. The Jetsons were the futuristic equivalent of The Flintstones, originally made in the early 1060s, with another run in the mid 1980s.

It's been over two years since the film was first mentioned, so we'd all be forgiven for thinking it wasn't going to happen. Turns out we'd be wrong. Rodriguez thinks he'll have time to fit this one in. Does this guy never sleep?

I’ve been developing [The Jetsons] for awhile. We’re writing the script right now.

Rodriguez went on to tell MTV News that he hoped to start filming next year, and we can still expect it to be a live action film. With no script complete yet, he wasn't for talking about any potential casting possibilities.

Are you interested in a Jetsons film from Rodriguez? Any casting preferences?



Rodriguez seems like a good way to keep it from turning into Scooby Doo or the Flinstones. And casting? I think we all know Danny DeVito is going to be offered a part, right? Who else could play Mr. Spacely?

Danny DeVito would be perfect. The only other person I could see playing him is Bob Hoskins. But I reckon DeVito would be better.

You know the real question is what has happened to his career? Jetsons compared to anything else he's making? Next we'll be seeing another Spy Kids.

What was wrong with Spy Kids? I think he's just one of those guys who has a variety of skills and interests. Doesn't he write and perform the music in a lot of his movies?

Middle of the road entertainment that just washes over you, not something I thought he would make really.

Since 2005 we've only seen Planet Terror. I'm just a little jaded with the hype surrounding the name. Sin City? Oh yes. Other than that?


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