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Roy Rogers film trilogy?

RoyRogers.jpgIt seems crazy to think that a Roy Rogers film could work in this day and age, but the studio executives do as they've just announced that the property is to be mined for a film trilogy, animated series, game and various other merchandising deals.

There's not much more on the story, but the idea that Roy Rogers would be something that modern day audiences would want to see is slightly beyond me. What about you?

The story tells us little, Variety through Coming Soon has the announcement that there's going to be a trilogy of Roy Rogers, and while I think a biographical film might give some interest to the audience, that's not the way the film is planning to go, nor is it going the Roy Rogers cowboy way either.

No it seems that this is going to be a family fantasy adventure, as described by Eric Geadelman, the CEO of the production company behind the deal.

"Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Trigger are quintessential figures of America, and we will introduce this franchise to a new audience while capitalizing on the millions of Roy Rogers fans worldwide."

Seriously, considering what The Roy Rogers Show was, a fifties cowboy serial, do you really think audiences could fall for the character in this day and age? A cowboy with his obedient and trick performing steed, and Dale Evans, the cowgirl to balance off the show?

Personally I don't see a trilogy of films working, never mind one, not with a major modernisation.



the idea may not be commercially viable perse, but i like it alot. there was a sort of innocence in the old Rogers stories that i only know from comic books.

anything old is new again. this is why remakes happen. if they're going to remake something, i'm much more interested in say, this, or the John Carter serials, than something that's been remade recently like flash gordon or the rocketeer.

it'll probably be a flop. i'll be sorry to watch it become that.


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