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Runaways gains band members

TheRunaways.jpgThe film that will chart the success of the female rock group The Runaways, has completed its casting for the lead band members, and it's an interesting line-up.

Not only have they raced ahead with getting their leads together, but they also start shooting very soon, hardly giving the actresses any time to practice together. Does that mean we'll be seeing little of their performance in the performance footage?

Floria Sigismond is directing the film about The Runaways, the seventies all women rock band that starred Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, Jackie Fox, Vicki Blue, Laurie McAllister, Peggy Foster and Sandy West and Lita Ford.

Oh I remember Lita Ford, my brother had posters of her on his walls, along with Samantha Fox and the Michael Schenker Group, and she had a certain allure to me at that age.

So who's playing whom? Well the main core of the band is cast, and that comprises of Kristen Stewart is playing Joan Jett, Dakota Fanning is playing lead singer Cherie Currie, Stella Maeve is playing the drummer Sandy West, Michael Shannon will play their manager and producer Kim Fowley, and now Lita Ford will be played by Alessandra Torresani.

The story comes from MTV through The Playlist and they have another interesting titbit about the film. Alessandra Torresani herself reveals:

"I haven't met any of the girls yet. I'll meet them soon. I see them tomorrow, so that's soon enough…I can fake [the guitar]. I can rock out. I'm a dancer, so I'll fake it"

Oh dear. Not much time to work together as a group? Wouldn't that be a core requirement of the film? No? Well, I guess they can fake it then?

I don't know about you, but if they are going to show some performances, I want to see them playing it and playing it convincingly, not like some of the current pop stars who only do one song live on their current world tour and the rest are all mimed because the dancing is too tiring.

Of course I do apologise to The Runaways for even suggesting there's a comparison between them and current vacuous pop idols.

Isn't the performance a little important to this film?



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