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Schwarzenegger offered Predators role

Predator.jpgRumour has it that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been offered a role in Robert Rodriguez's Predators film already, and that means one thing, it has to be connected to the original film in some way, that goes against the reboot/remake thing we've been hearing.

It's being touted as a sequel to the original, kind of like Aliens was to Alien, where we saw one on one we now see a team on multiples. The big question is though, would Schwarzenegger return?

While this is a rumour through an insider, it's a pretty good source, but there isn't a conversation or discussion going on as yet, merely that Robert Rodriguez's people have contacted Arnold Schwarzenegger's people and asked to talk. That's it. However that's enough for us to start thinking.

The exciting news in this story from Moviehole through /Film is that Rodriguez seems to be against the idea of a remake just as much as film fans are, and if the source is right then that's nothing but good news. They do go on.

Apparently there is a role written for Schwarzenegger, should he want to take it up, and that's really what makes it a sequel, and they understand that he is a vital part of the franchise.

Okay, I think they've really done well saying that, if this really is from Rodriguez's team and is the way they are working on it then I think we might have ourselves an interesting idea for Predators.

The idea appears to have Dutch walk in as a non-main character, perhaps a consultant to train the team, again just like Aliens but taking a back seat during the main part of the film.

Meanwhile the insider is doing some strong PR work on the film, and that makes me want to believe it's real.

"The script is terrific... I hear. It's partly the old Predators script Rodriguez did, but mostly new stuff by [Alex] Litvak. And it's violent - like the original. Everybody here at [name removed] has pointed out how much better it is than [Paul W.S] Anderson's abomination. Doesn't sound like there's any reason to worry"

Well that does sound promising doesn't it? Could Predators really work? It's certainly a much better idea to make it a sequel and see a team of elite marines head off to the home planet to fight the Predators. Yes it sounds like Aliens, but it's a damn good formula and would make sense in the storyline right after Predator...or as soon as they have developed space flight after Predator takes place.

Of course that's conjecture. We're still waiting for exact word on how the story will pan out, but it's coming, and it's looking good. Let's hope the film is good enough and it attracts Arnie back to the character of Dutch. While we're at it, let's hope Dutch is bigger than a cameo.



If Schwarzenegger was to return and reprise the Dutch character then that would be fantastic. A sequel to the original? I'm loving that idea.

And if he says no they can always use a dead eyed unconvincing CG version for a cameo.

Oh let's hope not, I would hope if he says no then they just move on, maybe reference him in some dialogue or back story, but that's it.


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