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Schwarzenegger's Terminator Salvation appearance online

TerminatorSalvation-T800.jpgThe latest trailer for Terminator Salvation is showing off the appearance of the computer generated Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800/T-101 Terminator, and it's not just a brief glimpse either, he's been given two scenes to show him off.

This continues the trend I hate in Hollywood of showing far too much and spoiling any possible excitement that you might get from going to see the film and marvelling at the film.

What we should have had is a quick glimpse of his back, his side, and perhaps something else to suggest that it's the old Terminator that we know and love coming back again, then leaving all the rest to the film.

However what we get is a complete reveal of the image of the new Terminator in two separate scenes. Oh, the reveal is done, the only thing left is to see the exact same scenes on the big screen.

The art of hype, suspense and reveal is lost in the modern day, dumbed down, Hollywood.

That said, since it's out there I'm sure you might want to see it, I know that I do, in fact I watched it!

Here's the Terminator Salvation teaser through AITH:



Funny thing is in the first film Reese says that a T800 can pass for human - well I've seen Salvation and that CG Arnold would certainly have trouble doing that.

By the way - had to watch The Terminator four times just to get the taste of Salvation out of my mouth.

It is quite a pitty they had to use the most surprised part of the film (that I'm guessing, seeing it tomorrow!). CG Arnold looks passable in my eyes... until you get to those last shots of him.

Sounds like you didn't like the film at all Mark, never mind just the T-800 moments.

It's another example of people making trailers having no imagination and just stealing the best moments from the film no matter what effect that has on the audience going to see it.

You're right Richard, they've just revealed one of the big surprises of the film, sure we knew it was all coming, but it's different to see it play out on screen, and for some of us that's gone. What were they thinking?

Where's the Salvation review so I can get on with disagreeing with it?

Going tomorrow! Promise!

Did you go Richard? I'm awaiting the review too!


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